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The book written by four hands, by Petter Johannensen. Since 1992 appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Namibia in Italy. Luisa Sorbone other author is a journalist, responsible for external relations and for the Namibian Consulate.

The two authors describe to us: a distant and little explored territory: Southern Africa: Botswana, Namibia, SouthAfrica and Zimbabwe.

Dr. Sam Nujma then president of Namibia expresses his thoughts: all countries in this part of Africa have suffered years of hard struggle, to achieve their independence. Namibia is the youngest of them all.

Petter Johannensen, a connoisseur of these lands, grandson of the well-known explorer Roald Amunndsen, has been able to enhance with Luisa Sorbone the natural beauty of the places, this news-rich book is not meant to be a history essay and tries to convey to readers a comprehensive view of this part of the Continent from the beginning four hundred years ago.

Sam Nujoma concludes with the defense of the land pristine resource and safeguarding its inhabitants.

The authors tell the story of the peoples of Southern Africa and the complex interethnic relations from the period of European colonization, to the present day.

There have been many difficulties in getting to know the places, due to the widespread backwardness of drought-prone desert areas.

The book is aimed at everyone and especially young people, to be interested in a part of the world full of suggestions. Places, traditions, faces.

The photo collection is a review of the beauty inherent in the lands. From the Kalahari Desert, the inhabitants express themselves in clik language, making their language understandable with sounds and gestures, to the Namib Desert, which bloomed last Spring, to Victoria Falls.

Various ethnic groups that make up the territory are known: Bushmen, Himba, Batonga, Herero, and others.

The pages of this take us on a journey of flavors, colors and musical notes to the sound of the marimba.

After the wonderful sunsets in the dark of the night, illuminated by the Southern Cross, star of the Southern sky.

Edited by Claudia Polveroni Apn Publisher