MSR Newsletter

The latest news for October 6th 2017

Dear Readers,

A quieter week on the water, but we begin in the Mediterranean, where things are rarely quiet. The numbers of migrants attempting to cross from Libya has crept up in recent weeks following active suppression of smuggling by Libyan militias. Unfortunately, those militias are now fighting amongst themselves in the smuggling hub of Sabratha.


The violence has allowed more boats to put to sea, but the lower number of migrants also means that MSF is removing one of its rescue boats from service in the Med. At the same time, there are fears that the militia violence in Libya could ultimately mean the backroom deals to reduce migrant numbers will fail.

Staying in the Med, the ITF reports that the crew of the anti-migrant ship which tried to prevent vessels crossing from Libya has been abandoned in Barcelona, unpaid. 
In the Indian Ocean, moves are afoot for a Kenyan Coast Guard. Up until now, the burden has been shouldered by the Kenyan Navy, but a dedicated coastal force would allow more interdictions against suspected smugglers as well as ensuring Somali terror group Al Shabaab had fewer opportunities to launch raids against Kenya's tourist areas from the sea. 
Off Somalia, meanwhile, the joint Focused Operation to suppress piracy, conducted by EUNAVFOR and the CMF, has come to a successful end.

David Rider