MSR Newsletter

The latest news for October 13th 2017

Dear Readers,

A very interesting week for maritime security, with significant incidents across the board. In West Africa, the trial of several suspected pirates has adjourned for a few weeks. The men are being tried on firearms charges because – this is still incredible – Nigeria has no piracy legislation in place. This week also saw a Nigerian Navy admiral once again restate the rules on private security operators in the nation's waters. It seems a further clamp down is on the cards.

In the Indian Ocean region, following the Indian Navy's action to disrupt a suspected attempted hijacking, the Iranian Navy was quick to announce that it had protected an Iranian merchant ship from attack. Of course they did. The fact that there are never independent verifications of Iranian reports is the large pinch of salt you need.
Off Somalia, tensions rose this week following action by the Puntland Maritime Police Force which saw an Iranian fisherman shot and killed.
In Southeast Asia, BIMCO and the IMB warn that Abu Sayyaf terrorists may be planning further attacks on vessels in the Sulu-Celebes seas. The news may have prompted the extension of the curfew in Sabah. We also note the arrest of a group of suspected pirates in the Singapore Strait.
Finally, in the Mediterranean, the Libyan Coast Guard has fired on and sunk a tanker accused of fuel smuggling. This should be of serious concern to any shipping company operating in the region.

David Rider